Breyer Animals

Breyer Animals

This has to be one of the Best Days Ever!  I met this wonderful family, and they have trusted me with their treasures that they are willing to part with.  One of the fun things I get to do, and I LOVE it!

I am currently going through some of the wonderful treasures that I will be selling for this family.  These beautiful vintage pieces are Breyer Plastic mold animals.  These are all wild life, western wildlife!  Each one is in near mint condition too!  I pray that this is a true success for this family as I begin to list their treasure for them.  


The first pieces I am sharing are their Vintage 1965 Buffalo and Moose.  These two are in amazing condition.  What is so fascinating about them are the fact that 1) they are both mid 1960's 2) both are western animals that are basically in my backyard!  Pretty cool!   


These next beauties are also in my backyard, so to speak.  They are also vintage, and they make a beautiful family!    When these all are listed for sale, they will be sold just like I am sharing in their images.  How can I split up this little deer family?  You have Dad, Mom and Baby.  Perfect little trio!

A little history into the Breyer plastic mold animals.  Woolworth company had actually contracted to have a horse lamp created.  It was a HUGE hit and the customers couldn't get enough of the horse lamp, so what can you do?  You create the animals alone!  And guess what?  The customers LOVED and still do to this day, these animals.  They are life like, and not  cheaply made.  They are very life like.  

This is just a very small sample of what I get to share, as I had one of my Very Best Days being a Vintage/Antique consultant!

I am truly #grateful #thankful and #blessed

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