Hello October!

Hello October!

I love the changing of the seasons, but I must say, they colors of fall make my heart so happy!  The crisp air, the leaves shining in all the amazing different shades of orange, red and yellow.... it feels so cozy!   Fall is a wonderful season, and it brings joy and excitement in our home.  

We love to go for walks and take in the amazing colors as they change day by day.  Some days the trees shine and others, well, they seem to be fading as the colors loose some of the life that once was in the leaves.  While out for these walks, we see the birds enjoying the time upon the water.  They soak up the last of the warm days, and enjoy those crisp mornings just like we do!  


As the mornings become cooler and the days take just a bit longer to warm up, we start to reach for those sweaters.  What is so comfy about sweaters?  Its like wearing a snuggly blanket on some days.  That is like an extra big hug to wear! 


We love all the "feel good" recipes that we start making again once fall arrives.  The pumpkin spice everything, the apple ciders, baking more often, it just envelopes us.  How do you feel about all those things?  Are you a pumpkin spice kind of person? 

Once thing we love is to plan a fun fall trip, it could include a hay ride, a drive around our beautiful valley, or just going out to the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin to decorate our home with.  Is there things that you look forward to  like this?  And of course we look forward to decorating for Halloween and then knowing that soon our grown up kids will be coming home for Thanksgiving!  We look forward with anticipation as fall arrives. 

We are truly #thankful #grateful and #blessed  

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