Nostalgia And Enjoyment

Nostalgia And Enjoyment

I have been having a ball!  I have been given the privilege and honor to help a family downsize, and oh the amazing vintage and antique pieces this family has acquired over time has been so fun to help them. 

This family have lived an incredible life and have found so many treasures along their paths.  Some of their items have been well used and others have been well loved.  All the pieces have a story, and its those stories I so enjoy!  It gives me some background into their lives, and also it helps me understand if they are really still attached to the items they say they want me to help find new homes.  Let's just say, this family is READY to part with much of their treasures! 

I arrived at their home, cold, winter, snow, cold, cold, cold..... and we began the task of cataloging their items in the garage.  There are so many treasures, I can only fit 1/6th of their items into my rig.  But what JOY it is in all our hearts as I begin the research as to the values and get their items listed to help them sell. 

One fun batch of treasures that I didn't realize had been loaded up was 3 big totes filled with record albums!  Oh man!  The memories of listening to my old records hit me.  There is just something about that sound!  It made me actually purchase a record player again!  That is how big of a memory this is for me. 


Now most of their albums were in ok condition, and a few were in EXCELLENT condition.  The better ones, well those became first on my list to help them sell.  Sadly, at the time of this writing, vinyl isn't as popular as it once was.  So, I wanted to help them get the most for the best ones, and see what we could do with the others.

I enjoyed seeing so many of the "old" country singers, a few "pop" artists, comedy to the workout records!  This is the way life was, and that rush of my own memories filled my mind.  The smell of the paper cardboard covers, the feel of the vinyl, knowing that held some wonderful music just waiting to be played.  

I found myself listening to records and was being blessed by this truly unique experience.  I was learning more about this lovely family through their choices of music from their past.  I don't know when they had last listening to any of the albums, but oh my heart was filled with Joy!  There is just something in the analog quality that you don't get from digital records.  The feel of flipping the record over, looking at side 1, side 2, deciding which side to play first.  That crackle of the needle as it touches the vinyl.....and the the sounds.  Here is a little nostalgia for you, I hope it brings you as much enjoyment as it has for me.  This has been a great way to appreciate the music, nostalgia, timeless, and then to see how far technology has come over the years.

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